Crazy Carls 3.5" intercooler piping kit

Another Crazy Carls original product!

this is our 3.5" intercooler piping kit for 94-02 Dodge Cummins

The polished aluminum piping looks great and its corrosion resistance and the extra flow capacity will help you keep your Cummins shiney and happy for years to come.

The kit comes with BOTH drivers and passengers side 3-1/2" intercooler pipes as well as all 4 high strength boots and 8 polished Stainless T-bar clamps to mate them to your factory (or most aftermarket) turbo and intake horn. Its also a perfect match to our BIG HORN and DUAL 3.5" intakes !

Crazy Carls 3.5" intercooler piping kit
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Price $249.00

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