FASS Titanium Series - 1998.5-2004

1998.5-2004 Dodge Trucks

Titanium Series
Fuel Air Separation Systems

The Titanium Series uses the same blueprint as our HD Series just in a smaller package. It is designed for the pickup while utilizing all the best features of the HD series. Built into a smaller compact version, the Titanium Series offers flow rates up to 260gph. This size difference allows you to tuck the pump closer to the frame for better clearance and less visibility without sacrificing any of the features known to FASS systems. The same motor used on the HD Series (class 8 applications) is also used on our Titanium Series, proving once again that quality is #1 at FASS.
**Now Featuring the NEW Bolt-on Frame Bracket, Flow Rates up to 260gph, a larger Water Separator (Same used on the HD model) and all 1/2" Ports & Fuel Line!

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FASS Titanium Series - 1998.5-2004
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