Industrial Injection Super Phat Shaft Turbos


The Super PhatShaft was designed for trucks that have multiple fueling upgrades used to tow and for those trucks that frequent the track.  Super PhatShaft chargers are available in three sizes 62mm, 64mm and 66mm  extended tip.  What makes the SuperPhat turbos special is the 71mm exducer exhaust wheel and modified exhaust housing.  We invested one year researching and developing the 71mm turbine to handle the aggressive fueling demands of our customers.  We were the first to utilize the 71mm large exhaust wheel in our turbochargers and also set the standard for the rest of the turbo industry.  We found that the large 71mm exhaust wheel improves performance in two ways.  First: it lets the exhaust gasses expel from the charger more efficiently reducing cylinder backpressure and lowering EGT’s.  Second, it accelerates rotor speed to optimize air compression for more mid range and top end performance.  The exhaust housing has oversized wastegate passages and a wastegate spacer plate for maximum effiency.  Like all PhatShaft turbochargers it is equipped with dual grooved bearings and an adjustable boost elbow.

Industrial Injection Super Phat Shaft Turbos
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