Stainless Diesel Exaust Manifold


This will be the LAST Manifold you'll ever purchase --- with a ZERO percent failure rate!!!

Stainless Diesel exhaust manifolds ARE MADE IN THE USA !!!!  They come with 2 ports drilled and tapped for EGT & Drive . Sizing in T-3 , T-4  & T-6 . Our Stainless Exhaust mainfolds are made with shell molding its a Super Smooth inside and out  casting technology that has superior flow over and above the old type 60 grit sand paper like looking and filling casting that all the Cast  Iron ex manifolds are made from.  Back-to-back testing with our Stainless Manifold shows a 20hp increase against competitors 3 pc. cast iron manifold!

Makes larger chargers more Drivable .  Improves Horsepower and Widens Powerband . Excellent Fit & Finish . Ships With Stainless Steel mounting Hardware and Brass  1/8 & 1/4 NPT Plugs . Increased Economy When Installed W/Same Mods . Our Stainless Diesel 2nd gen 24v &12v Cummins exaust manifold was cast with a  Stainless steel moon metal mix made for  Extreme High Heat cycling .  The manifolds are built with 3/4+ inch thick center section with room for Extra porting . Thick wall castings for Great Thermal control . The most superior thermal energy retention for Faster spool up Accelerations .  The Super Smooth inside runner sizing is 1.650 inchs all the way to the center outlet for Extreme high flow. Proven smooth single piece cast design , has no steps that block flow in the middle like  the old style 2 & 3 piece iron manifolds. The old style 2 & 3 piece iron manifolds are built with steps in the runners  causing Inefficient Turbulent  Air Flow Inside. Ever wonder why your stock one piece spools better?

Stainless Diesel Exaust Manifold
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